Craft beer is unlike the ordinary canned beer, small production, fresh, with the traditional handicraft to make a beer that you will immerse different tastes. The history of beer could trace back 5,000 years ago, has become an indispensable part of the public life through the improvement and technological innovation. Craft beer is mainly embodied in "selection", we will select the best materials, which includes the import malt, hops and yeast. Each ingredient we choose will make your special beer. Craft is a kind of freedom, and we can have more opportunities to develop different flavors, different colors of beer, and try to add any brewing ingredients you can think of. The craft is also an improvement after the failed experiment, and finally makes a satisfying beer.

Dr.Beer adhere to strict standard, selects the best materials, refuse the sub package, only brew the classic craft beer, beer gets through from the big Can straight to the bar, lets your tongue to taste the freshest beer.